Yutori Takamagahara is one of the Butei Masters, who is the Head of the Inquesta department. Currently, she is the homeroom teacher for Aria, Kinji, Riko, Gouki, and Watson. She appears to be friends with Ranbyou and Umeko Tsuzuri.

Background Edit

Before becoming a teacher at Tokyo Butei High School, Takamagahara was a feared mercenary known as "Bloody Yutori." However, after being hit by a sniper bullet to the head, she was unable to fight anymore.

Personality Edit

Takamagahara is the most "normal" of Butei Academy's teachers. Usually, she is calm and cheerful. However, when angered, as shown when Reki talked back to Headmaster Takeru Midorimatsu in Volume 12, she can give off a killing intent. Also, according to Kinji, she is still not a normal person due to being able to be in the same room as Ranbyou and Tsuzuri and come out unharmed everyday. In addition, she can feel fear like when the Headmaster uses his undetectable transparent abilities.

Appearance Edit

Takamagahara has long brown hair and wears glasses. According to Kinji, she wear clothing that make her look like the slender type.


  • Her last name translates as "The High Plain of Heaven", the dwelling place of the gods in Japanese/Shinto Mythology.
  • Takamagahara is the only Master at this point who almost caused Kinji to enter Hysteria Mode during the Water-Kisbasen in the Sports Festival.
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