Yuan Meishi is a high school girl and a member of the Ranpan, who comes from the slums of Hong Kong and helps Kinji Tohyama after he was pick pocketed and lost within the city.


Yuan is a slender girl with pink lips and lopsided twin-tails bobbing like rosary beads.[1] She wears a white Chinese school girl uniform.

Personality Edit

Yuan personality is similar to Aria H. Kanzaki due to being a tsundere from having a cold exterior as shown when she was yelling at Kinji, but has a generous heart by offering KInji food and a place to stay for the night. Kinji noted that Yuan has a strong willpower and willingness to learn.[1]

Background Edit

Yuan is an orphan girl who grew up in the slums of Hong Kong. She attends a school where orphan girls go in exchange for doing small tasks. In addition, Yuan dream is to study in Japan.

Quote Edit

  • (To Kinji): "You've become the talk of the whole building, you know. The boy who can't talk, but is a hard worker." (Volume 13, Chapter 3)

Trivia Edit


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