Tornado High
Light Novel VIII
Volume Title Tornado High
Release Date December 21, 2010
ISBN-13 978-4-8401-3678-5
Number of Pages 293
Cover Character/s L.L Watson with SIG SAUER P226
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Tornado High is the eighth volume of the Hidan no Aria novel series released on December 21, 2010. This novel begins the Far East Warefare (FEW) conflict and Hilda arc.

Summary Edit


  • 1st Ammo: Night of Chaos -Turbulent-
  • 2nd Ammo: Cosplay Cafeteria -Ristorante Mask-
  • 3rd Ammo: Silver-White ICBM
  • 4th Ammo: 350m Altitude Tornado
  • Epilogue: Go for the Next!! The Spiral Sky Tree -Tornado High-



  • It is inferred Akari Mamiya makes a cameo in this volume (she's reffered to as "her junior" and has the name of "Mamiya"), she would later become the protagonist for the spin off series Hidan no Aria AA


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Hidan no Aria AA
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