Fall Oblige
Hidan no Aria Volume 12 Cover
Volume Title Fall Oblige
Release Date May 24, 2012
ISBN-13 978-4-8401-4579-4
Number of Pages 261
Cover Character/s Reki with "Dragunov" SVD Sniper Rifle
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Fall Oblige is the twelfth volume of the Hidan no Aria novel series released on May 24, 2012. This novel contains the Normal Life arc.

Summary Edit


  • 1st Ammo: As if into Thin Air - Like Vanish
  • 2nd Ammo: Kinji, An Ordinary Person
  • 3rd Ammo: Moe Mochizuki
  • 4th Ammo: Kikuyo Kagataka
  • 5th Ammo: Enlightening Emptiness


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Trivia Edit

  • Kinji Tohyama succeeds in his goal from Volume 1 of transferring out of Butei High.
  • Oblige refers to being bound to an action due to a law or rule. In this case it has to do with Reki's oath to Kinji to always be with him.
  • Moe is symbolized by a dog and Reki a wolf.
  • There are two dichotomy references within the volume where Kinji struggling where he belongs:
    • A wolf (Reki) and dog (Moe) representing the difference between Butei life and normal life.
    • Kikuyo and Moe representing the difference between the underground life and normal life.

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