Umeko Tsuzuri
Name in Japanese 綴 梅子
Romaji Translation Tsuzuri Umeko
Debut (Anime) Episode 06
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 02 (Chapter 2 / 2nd Ammo)
Appears in Light Novel, Manga, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Masumi Asano
Voice Actor (English) Erica Harte
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 24
Nationality Japanese
Classification Butei (Dagula)

Homeroom teacher of 2B
Head of department of Dagula

Skill Rank Masters
Status Active


Equipment Inventory

Glock 18


Umeko Tsuzuri, the homeroom teacher of 2B as well as Dagula's head of department. She wears a long black coat, black gloves, and black boots.

Umeko always stares at students with unfocused eyes, making her look like she's on drugs. Also, she is always smoking. Tsuzuri, characteristic of one of the teachers of Butei High, does not care about her students' grades.

She has a near prodigious memory in some areas, able to remember all her students' statistics. However, she tends to forget simple words, and spends some time trying to remember them as she speaks.

She is one of the elite Butei in the art of interrogation as she's one of the best 5 in Japan. No matter how firm the offender, after Tsuzuri's interrogation, they won't stay normal, and it seems they start referring to her as Queen or Goddess.

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