The Ulus Tribe (ウルス族 Urusu Boku?) is Reki's home tribe, who are a group of mercenaries proficient in long-range shooting. They reside secretly in the South highlands of Lake Baikal in Mongolia.


The origins of the clan remain unknown for the most part. It is known, however that the clan possesses a rare genetic disorder that only causes females to be born in. With that being said, all males have been married in and no male children have been produced. As a result the clan sought to find suitable, strong men in order to make their children strong as well. The most famous man to be brought in was the great Khan of the Mongol Horde, Ghengis Khan. However, in actuality the Khan was the disgraced Japanese general Minamoto no Yoshitsune, who had fled from Japan after faking a sepukku attempt and donned the name of the Khan. As time would pass, however, their numbers diminished until about 47 of them are alive today

According to the legends in the Hotogi Shrine, the tribe is in possession of the legendary Ririirokane which could possibly be the cause of their genetic condition. This legend was proved true as Sherlock Holmes and IU personally went to the homeland of the Ulus to negotiate for the rare metal. 

In Volume 8 of the light novel series, the Tribe sends Reki as their ambassador to attend the Bandire, where they joined the Deen Faction.

Known MembersEdit

  • Ghengis Khan (Minamoto no Yoshitsune)
  • Reki
  • 46 other tribeswomen 
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