Armaments Edit

  • Cugir M74: Romanian made semi-automatic pistol. Its small profile allows easy concealment and quick drawing.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Hysteria Savant Syndrome: A genetically modified variation of HSS that can only be triggered by sadistic pleasure. Vlad's Hysteria serves no real purpose other than being the trigger transform his human shell into his true vampire form.
  • True Form: In his true form Vlad is an extremely dangerous opponent. Towering over most foes and taking on his more beast like appearance, his presence alone is capable of forcing his enemies to surrender. Should they resist, Vlad is extremely strong, easily tearing a building's radio tower out of the ground with his bare hands, and almost unkillable. He's overcome all the traditional vampire weaknesses save for four weak points on his body. Without damaging them, Vlad is able to regenerate any wound he might get.
  • Vampirism: Being a vampire, he is able to absorb the very genetic code from victim's blood and adapt it into his own. As a result Vlad is an every changing creature, allowing him to live for centuries in addition to over coming any flaws or capabilities his genetic code may have at any time. 
  • Wallachia Magic Flute: A high frequency roar used by Vlad that causes confusion in a person's central nervous system, paralyzing them for as long as the frequency plays. It's an extremely potent weapon against Hysteria Savant users as it can completely shut if off.

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