• Colt Python Revolver
  • Scorpio Scythe


  • Fire Arms Usage: Outside of HSS, Kinichi is very profecient with fire arms usage.
  • Close Quarters Combat: Kinichi well versed in many fighting techniques, able to subdue opponents that are much stronger, larger, or faster than him. He's also able to wield his Scorpio easily, despite it being composed entirely of metal and is nearly a foot taller than he is.
  • Hysteria Savant SyndromeLike all members of the Tohyama bloodline, Kinichi can active Hysteria Savant Syndrome. However the means of activating it, that is through cross dressing, has been noted to last very long compared through the normal triggers but puts imense stress on his body causing him to rest for up to 10 days upon deactivation. Kinichi's also noted that his cross dressing "cheat" isn't as strong as Hysteria Savant Syndrome activated normally.  
  • Disguise: While cross dressing, Kinichi quite literally becomes Kana. His acting is superb and is extremely passable for being a girl. 


  • Billiard Shot
  • Invisible Bullet

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