Team Formations (チーム編成?) are when Butei High School sophomores start at the foundation to form a 2 to 8 person group. The teams are formed from the results of the Caravan, when the Masters groups the best students in advance and deliver notice to the members after. As basic proof of official registrated teams of the IADA, the newfound team gathers for a group photo on their official assembly, wearing Divisa Nero (防弾制服・黒(ディヴィーザ・ネロ)?).

Team BaskervilleEdit


An all-girls team formed by Jeanne d'Arc (Leader), Misaki Nakasorachi, and three other problematic girls from the Connect Division.

Carrier GAEdit

A Logi team formed by Gouki Mutou, Kazumi Katori, Aya Hiraga, and Suguru Anzai.

Hidan no Aria World

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