Stealth (超能力(ステルス) Suterusu?) is the categorized term for superpowers. With the escalating crime rate involving supernatural abilities, it is permitted that even Buteis who are psychics are authorized to countermeasure, thus dubbing them, Super Detectives (超偵 Choutei?). Their powers are ranked and graded by number, with the highest meaning the more powerful. There are currently four types of Stealths in the series.

Level 1 (Ⅰ種超能力者)Edit

Using whatever slightest component in the body as a catalyst to activate the power, such as sugar, alcohol or mana.

Level 2 (Ⅱ種超能力者)Edit

Using external objects containing energy-like substances as a catalyst, such as electricity, sand or spiritual medium.

Level 3 (Ⅲ種超能力者)Edit

To manipulate and control any spacial element outside the body, such as fire, ice or air.

Level 4 (Ⅳ種超能力者)Edit

Unknown at this point. Either exists as a new-type or a complexity of the 3 above.


  • There are currently 70 to 80 existing Stealth attributes
  • The higher the rank and power, the more it consumers mental strength.
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