• Irokane Ayame (Mieto): A blade with legendary status forged of Irokane
  • Durandal: The reforged Durandal temporarily borrowed from Jeanne  
  • M60 Medium Machine Gun
  • Kusarigama
  • Kusari-fundo
    Shirayuki armed

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Melee Combat: Shirayuki has been seen using a wide variety of traditional Japanese weapons from swords to chain & sickles. She's been noted to have finesse in her style but also fights with ferocity, especially when it's towards another girl who's getting close to Kinji
  • Firearms Usage: Her ability with firearms is relatively hard to measure because she often relies on melee weapons, however it can be inferred that she has quite a bit of skill since she her primary firearm is a light machine gun while most characters use pistols or other small arms.
  • Hotogi Heavenly Arts: Introduced as the first Chotuei of the series, Shirayuki is able to manipulate and wield fire. Her Irokane Ayame, since it's forged of Irokane, acts as a conduit in which she can strengthen her fire manipulation to the point the blade of her sword becomes hot enough to cut through other weapons. The best example of this was when Durandal was shattered, a blade Jeanne had thought to be unbreakable. 

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