• Cutlass-hilted Katana
  • Monoshoi Sao

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Melee Combat: Shino Sasaki is a very skilled swordswoman, perhaps comparable to that of her senior Shirayuki Hotogi. She's a practitoner of Kojiro Sasaki's sword styles and has shown ruthless proficiently in her ancestor's techniques. Also as a result of her senior, Shino has trained in the Hotogi's martial arts. Though she lacks the natural talent of Flame Manipulation most Hotogi shrine maidens have, she's more than mastered their physical swordplay.
  • Firearms Usage: Despite being assigned an M4A1 during body assessments, Shino has yet to demonstrate her skills with handling firearms. Presumably though, she's a skilled marksman.


  • Tsubame-Gaeshi
  • Hien Gaeshi

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