Sherlock Holmes
Name in Japanese シャーロック・ホームズ
Romaji Translation Sherlock Holmes
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 04
Debut (Manga) Chapter 49 (As a Picture)

Chapter 58 (Full appearance)

Appears in Light Novels and Manga
Personal Info
Gender Male
Nationality British
Skill Rank Head of IU (Formerly)
Title (s) The Man Beyond Space and Time

Sherlock the Scarlet Ammo
The Professor

Status Alive (Confirmed Volume 20)

Scarlet Ammo
Brain Knowledge Power 'Cognis'
Billiard Shot
Invisible Bullet
Hysteria Savant Syndrome
Jeanne's Ice Magic
Patra's Alchemy
Wallachia's Magic Flute

Equipment Inventory

Adams 1872 MKIII
Ragnarok Blade
Time Mirror Lens


Aria Holmes Kanzaki (Great Granddaughter)
Sherlock Holmes II (Son)
Sherlock Holmes III (Grandson)
Kanae Kanzaki (Granddaughter-in-Law)

"...Kinji-kun. I've met with all manner of vicious and strong monsters from all over the world, I've been fighting for over 150 years. And you, you are but a child that has been living on a peaceful island for 17 years. That inexperienced you--wants to fight with me?"

Sherlock Holmes I (シャーロック・ホームズ), aka "The Professor," was the leader of IU and paternal great-grandfather to Aria H. Kanzaki. A member of British royalty, he was hailed as the world's greatest detective and forerunner for the modern Butei


In his youth, his personality was relatively similar to Aria's; brash, hot-headed, and short tempered. As the years went on, he cooled off and became very calm and reserved. His ego only grew as he got older, showing little effort in combat and overrelying on his superior intelligence to assume his opponent's actions rather. Though its worked for nearly 200 years, Kinji was able to outsmart him by doing something completely irrational and unexpected.


Despite living for nearly two centuries, Sherlock Holmes retains the appearance of a man in his mid 20's. As a result, he is in peak physical form and has neatly trimmed hair. His eyes were originally blue, however, as he was poisoned during a mission long before the story, blinding him and rendering them gray. 

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