Setsu Tohyama
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 10 (Mentioned)
Volume 12 (First Appearance)
Appears in Light Novel
Personal Info
Gender Female
Weight 40kg
Nationality Japanese
Classification Unnamed Militant Family
Floral Designer
Status Alive

Clear Fall Water
Martial Arts Expert

Equipment Inventory

Magane Tohyama (Husband)
Konzou Tohyama (Son) (Deceased)
Kinichi Tohyama (Biological Grandson)
Kinji Tohyama (Biological Grandson)
Kinzou Tohyama (Genetic Grandson)
Kaname Tohyama (Genetic Granddaughter)
Patra (Granddaughter-in-law)

Setsu Tohyama is the wife of Magane Tohyama, mother of Konzou Tohyama, and grandmother of Kinichi Tohyama (Kana), Kinji Tohyama, Kinzou Tohyama, and Kaname Tohyama. She made her first appearance in Volume 12 of the light novels.

Appearance Edit

Setsu appears to be an elderly woman.

Personality Edit

Setsu appears to be very kind and friendly towards her grandchildren. However, she does not tolerate Magane attraction towards younger women and will go as far as using Clear Fall Water on him to prevent him from entering Hysteria Mode.

Abilities Edit

  • Clear Fall Water: When the user concentrates the entire weight of their body into a fist for a very strong short-punch the can generate a massive force similar to being hit by a car.
  • Martial Arts Expert

Background Edit

Setsu was part of a militant family, where she became a martial arts expert. Also, she attended a school for floral arrangement and became a floral designer. At some point, she met Magane and married him for unknown reasons, which after they got married, it was reported that the Tohyama Family martial arts ability increased to a considerable degree. Later on, Magane and her would have a son, Konzou.

Plot Edit

GIII League Arc Edit

Setsu and Magane were mentioned in Volume 10, where Kinji borrowed money from them in order to get equipment from Aya Hiraga.

Normal Life Arc Edit

Prior to Kinji and Reki arriving, Setsu was informed they were transferring schools and would be staying at their home. Also, she would meet her two unknown grandchildren, Kinzou and Kaname. When Kinji and Reki arrived, Setsu used Clear Fall Water on her husband due to being him being highly attractive toward Reki. At some point, Setsu would teach Kaname how to play Shogi.

Relationships Edit

Magane Tohyama Edit

Magane Tohyama is Setsu husband, who she married for unknown reason, but according to Kinji it was hinted that she could trigger his Hysteria Mode easily similar to the way Aria can do for Kinji. Also, Setsu gets mad when she catches her husband looking at young attractive women.

Kinichi Tohyama (Kana) Edit

Kinichi Tohyama (Kana) is one of Setsu grandchildren.

Kinji Tohyama Edit

Kinji Tohyama is one of Setsu grandchildren. It is shown that she go out and get Kinji a bouquet of Golden Flowers due to being his favorite when he was younger.

Kinzou Tohyama Edit

Kinzou Tohyama is Setsu genetic grandson that she did not know existed, but welcomed into the family when he and Kaname came to visit Kinji.

Kaname Tohyama Edit

Kaname Tohyama is Setsu genetic granddaughter that she did not know existed as well, but like Kinzou, welcomed her into the family when she came to visit Kinji. Also, Setsu taught her how to play Shogi.

Reki Edit

Setsu welcomed Reki into her home and would allow her stay while Reki attended normal school with Kinji. Like her husband, Setsu also refers to Reki as Mint-chan.

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