Armaments Edit

  • Two Walther P99s
  • Two Daggers
  • Remington 1866 Derringer
Riko guns

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Firearms Usage: Riko is a proficient in her usage of pistols and can fight Aria to a draw in a close quarters fight.
  • Quadra Profeciency: Riko was the second Quadra introduced in the series. By using her Irokane rosary, she can manipulate her hair to act as arms in order to wield her twin daggers so she can effectively fight with four weapons at once. 
  • Close Quarters Combat: Riko is proficient enough to hold her own on Aria. As revealed by Meimei Koko, Riko is very skilled in body grapples which have the potential to choke out or outright kill a person. On top of this Riko is able to fight well with her daggers to the point where she can effectively use both at the same time.
  • Motor Skills: Riko drives a frilly Vespa modified by Mutou. While that's nothing to scoff at, the bike itself is capable of reaching 150 kpm (93 mph) and she can drive the bike at its top speed with ease.
  • Intellect: Despite having poor grades for an Inquesta student, Riko is smarter than she appears. She's able to create elaborate and intricate plans, figure out Kinji's secret and how to trigger it effectively, and knows how to read people like a book. Her foresight is also amazing, able to predict her opponent's potential plans well before they get the chance to act it out.
  • Disguise: Being a descendent of the great Phantom Thief, Riko is able to perfectly disguise her appearance as a completely different person. She's also able to change her voice on a whim to further mask herself when she is incognito. In addition to that, she's able to alter her voice to perfectly imitate others as shown when she imitated Aria's in order to get Kinji into her room. 

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