Kanji Translation 研究部(リサーチ)
Romanji Translation Risacchi
Undergradutate Programs SSR
Affiliations All Butei Schools
Region Global
Overview SSR
  • Research of all possible superpowers
  • Master training
  • Assistance in investigation involving the out-of-the-ordinary


  • Study of Charm Mechanisms
  • Art of Deception
List of Attendants
Instructor Ruri Yuuki (CVR)
Members SSR


Research (研究部(リサーチ) Risacchi?) emphasizes on paranormal research and investigation, focusing mostly on various superpowers.

SSR (超能力捜査研究科)Edit

Members of the Supernatural Selective Research or S-Ken for short, have supernatural abilities, thus it is the most secretive of all the Butei High Departments. Only its member, or school personnel have the authority to uphold the knowledge. While focusing on the aptitude to hone their powers, they are responsible to assist in crime investigations involving supernatural or parapsychological means. They use dowsing and psychometry as the main basis for training, more for offensive strategies.

CVR (特殊捜査研究科)Edit

Short for Civetta Research or C-Ken, the course researches on crimes involving supernatural circumstances, and using 'Honey-Trap' charms to lure out hints from suspects. Thus, only girls with exceptional beauty can enter this course. Under special conditions, these 'dangerous beauties' can use their physical charm to apprehend criminals.

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