• SVD Dragunov
  • Sniper Rifle Bayonet
  • Barrett M82
  • Military Grade Slingshot

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Reki Sniping
  • Marksmanship: With a killing range of 2051 meters, Reki is an unparalleled Sniper and is the ace of the Snipe division. She's able to effectively hit targets well outside of the range of her weapon ( a Dragonauv's normal effective range is around 800 meters, so Reki is able to effectively use more than twice it's maximum range). To further sharpen her marksmanship, she's also incredibly patient choosing to fire only when she knows she can hit her target. As a result, she can remain motionless for lengths of time. 
  • Melee Combat: Reki is one of the weakest hand-to-hand fighters in the series due to her role as the team's sniper. However, she's very proficient with using a bayonet to the point where she fought Aria to a draw.
  • Knowledge of Anatomy: Despite being over-qualified to shoot to kill, she's extremely well versed in human and animal anatomy. She's able to fire shots above key vital points to incapacitate and disarm would be hostiles.
  • Eyesight 6.0: Reki's sight is unparalleled in the series. She's capable of seeing the slightest detail hundreds of meters away and can even snipe effectively without a scope. Harsh weather appears to be no issue to her as she effectively spotted a bomb amidst a storm.

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