Hidan no Aria Volume 6 Cover
Name in Japanese レキ;蕾姫
Romaji Translation Reki
Debut (Anime) Episode 03
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 1 (3rd Ammo)
Appears in Anime, Light Novel, Manga, Video Game
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kaori Ishihara
Voice Actor (English) Jad Saxton
Personal Info
Gender Female
Height 150 cm (4'11")
Weight 41 kg (90 lbs)
Nationality Mongolian with Japanese Ancestry
Classification Butei (Snipe)
Student at East Ikebukuro High (Temporary)
Skill Rank Rank S
Title (s) Robot Reki
Ancestor Minamoto no Yoshitsune
Genghis Khan
Status Active

Killing Range 2051m
Animal Taming
Eyesight 6.0
Eight Ship Leap

Equipment Inventory

Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle
Sennheiser PMX990 (Headphones)
Barrett M82
Military Grade Slingshot


Haimaki (Pet Wolf)
46 Other Women of the Ulus Tribe

I am a single bullet...


Reki (レキ; 蕾姫?) is the S-rank ace of the Snipe department. Her real name is unknown and she is habitually taciturn, constantly impassive and indifferent in fashion. Reki is almost always found wearing her headphones.

Background Edit

Reki is descended from Gengis Khan (in actuality, the Khan was Minamoto no Yoshitsune as explained by Shirayuki), and hails from a tribe in Mongolia, referred to several times as the Ulus. She lived with 46 other females in seclusion. Why she is allowed to leave her homeland while the others remain is unknown.

Reki is part of a family that appears to have an interesting flaw. Her tribe apparently has a genetic problem that takes effect on the pregnant women of the civilization. As such, only the female gender will be born to the tribe. As such a result, Reki's tribe is constantly on the lookout for strong males to introduce into the Ulus, in the hopes to make their descendants stronger. This becomes clarified in the Epilogue of Light Novel Volume 6. 

Prior to joining the Butei academy, Reki was already a sniping prodigy so much so that she regularly took "unrecorded" contracts from countries such as China and Russia in the past. Jeanne claims Reki used to work as a "sweeper," in other words a Butei Assassin. 

Reki would met Kinji Tohyama for the first time at the Futoukita platform at Academy Island for the entrance exam. Also, during their first year, they apparently worked together quite a bit, where they were known as the "Golden Duo." 

Appearance Edit

Reki's hair has a very light shade of blue-green, similar to aquamarine, having been affected by long years of exposure to Ririirokane. She is very petite, being only a few inches taller than Aria. Her skin is somewhat pale, and her eyes are a bright yellow (green in the anime). It is somewhat unknown what her diet is. According to Kinji and his grandfather, Magane Tohyama, she smells like mint.

She constantly keeps headphones around, and Misaki Nakasorachi identified the brand as a Sennheiser PMX990 which is known for "it's high clarity and can accentuate the higher pitches". She constantly wears them on her head during a mission to "keep her soul intact." 

As quoted by Kinji, Reki was "not as flat as Aria, but not as well endowed as Shirayuki.” During Volume 12, when Reki was pressed up against Kinji, he noted that her breasts had grown slightly. 

Personality Edit

True to her nickname, "Robot Reki", Reki is usually shown to be practically emotionless to where she can be in front of someone completely naked without feeling embarrassed as shown in Volume 6 with Kinji. She is very quiet and reserved, often not speaking more than she needs to. However, this is not due to her lack of emotions, but rather she does not really know what emotions are, understand them, and know how to truly express them.  

After the events of Volume 6, where Kinji was able get Reki to smile, Reki has been showing more emotions such as anger when Kinji appeared to have sided against Team Baskerville in Volume 10; jealousy towards Kinji's relationship with Moe Mochizuki in Volume 12; embarrassment when Kinji was staring at her on the plane to Hong Kong in Volume 13. Kinji even mentioned that Reki was showing more emotions while she was staying at his grandparents house in Volume 12.  

She is also similar to Kinji in the aspect of social standing, in that she is very anti-social. She can be referred to as even more socially introverted than Kinji. However, unlike Kinji, she seems to be genuinely socially clueless, as proven when she proposes to Kinji at gunpoint. 

Reki is very stubborn or steadfast when it comes to specific things. Examples of this are when she believes her rifle will not misfire. Her attitude is obsessive to the point where her constant maintenance reduces the possibility of a misfire even lower than it already is. 

Kinji has pointed out that she seems to be "delusional" due to her taking orders from her supposed master, the "wind."


  • "I am a single bullet. It has no heart. Therefore, it does not think. It just flies straight towards its target."
  • "In the midst of this darkness. A path of light exists--outside of the light, nothing can be seen, nothing exists. I am one who runs in the midst of that light."
  • (To Kinji): "Kinji as I have said before, I am yours. The loyalty of the Ulus is eternal. I will be with you wherever you go and be the person who will live and die with you." (Volume 12, Chapter 1)
  • (To Kinji about his relationship with Moe Mochizuki): "The Ulus have a saying: A wolf cannot become a dog...And a dog can never become a wolf...Wolves and dogs can cross. They can even have offspring. But...A wolf is always a wolf, but a dog can never go back to being a dog. If it follows a wolf away form the safety of human habitation and migrates to the cruel forest, the dog, carrying its innate weakness, will exhaust its life...So a wolf should only spend time with another wolf." (Volume 12, Chapter 3)


  • Reki has a massive appetite despite her appearance
  • She is able to stay so still when sniping that birds tend to land on her head.
  • Reki is able to handle very cold temperatures from growing up in Mongolia during the extended frost periods.
  • Reki shares similar traits to Tabitha from Zero no Tsukaima and Koneko Toujou from High School DxD
    • They are introduced in the series as quiet, reserved, and emotionless people prior to their interaction with the male protagonist in each story.
    • Gradually begin to open up and display emotions after spending time with the male protagonist.
    • Fall in love with the male protagonist.
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