Kanji Translation 藍幇(ランバン)
Affiliations IU (Formerly)
Greneda (Formerly)
Region China
Overview Underground Organization
List of Attendants
Leader Seigen Shoukatsu
Members Koko Sisters (Juujuu Koko, Paoyang Koko, Meimei Koko, and JiNyan)
Kikuyo Kagataka (Formerly)

Ranpan (藍幇(ランバン)?) is China's greatest hidden organization. With the main branch located in Shanghai, it controls all of China's large political businesses and affairs. As its outside figure to the world, its one-million non-combat members attend regular lives attending school and work to maintain the groups' functionality.

It alliances with "Greneda" in the Far East Warfare, but switched to "Deen", after losing to Kinji in a representative battle.

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