Akari MamiyaEdit

These two have a good friendship and hang out during and after school hours. She is supportive of Akari's decisions, but is also realistic, saying that Akari couldn't be Aria's amica. However, when Akari managed to become close to Aria, Raika went with it and was supportive of Akari when she would obsess over Aria. Akari suggests many things related to Kirin to Raika, helping Raika become more honest with her feelings. Raika is also open to helping Akari improve her skills as a butei. 

Kirin ShimaEdit

At first, Raika saw Kirin as a nuisance for following her around. These two then have a fight off with Akari acting as referee; if Kirin lost, she would have to stop following Raika, and if Raika lost, she would become Kirin's amica. Kirin demonstrates great skill in the fight and uses a footlock technique to try and defeat Raika. Though this is a technique Raika is good at blocking, she allowed Kirin to win and thus became Kirin's amica. The two's relationship then becomes more intimate as time goes on, Kirin clinging onto Raika dearly and Raika continuing to act as if though Kirin is a bother. Despite Raika's act, she becomes overly jealous when Kirin gets too close with her previous amica, Riko and has a picture of Kirin in her bedroom. 

Shino SasakiEdit

Both in the same friendship circle as Akari. Though Shino gets easily possessive of Akari, Raika is an exception because Shino doesn't show any signs of hatred towards Raika over Akari. These two get along well and seem to have become friends through Akari.

Aria H. Kanzaki Edit

Raika is shown to respect her.

Kinji Tohyama Edit