Aa quartet

Quartet (カルテット Karutetto?) is an actual fighting test between two 4-person groups, where any Butei student can participate.[1] It is to test one Butei's capability (hiding, attacking, withdrawing, etc.)even the Interns from the Junior High division.

Quartet MatchesEdit

Depending on the Masters, the Quartet Matches come in many variations.

Assault Quartets is called Poison (毒の一撃(プワゾン) Puwazon?), an objective based match which divides both teams as Spiders and Bees. The primary objective is to destroy the other team's Eye flag while holding onto on of their team's attack flags. Since they are operating in the Assault department, melee weapons and fire arms with rubber rounds are allowed. 


  1. AA Episode 4: Quartet, Part 1
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