Armaments Edit

  • Walther WA 2000

Abilities Edit

  • Sand Ability User: Patra has the ability to manipulate sand which is used to make blades and shields that attack and protect.
  • Infinite Power near Pyramid: Patra gains infinite spiritual power when inside a pyramid. It is suggested that her power will diminish when the pyramid is removed from the equation.
  • Curse with Misfortune: Patra has an ability to use scarab beetles to instill a sort of "curse", similar to one that an Egyptian mummy from common movies may inflict. Also, it is suggested that she has the power to curse others herself.
  • Puppet Manipulator: Patra can create golems or other beings out of that same sand and control them at will, even from a distance.
  • Marksmanship: Patra seems to be a veteran sniper as her usage of a WA 2000 rifle would suggest. It is unknown how long this took her or what is the distance between Patra and her target, but she managed to snipe Aria on a jet ski in the sea.
  • Intelligence/Tactician: Patra also seems to be quite intelligent and a tactician, somewhat similar to Jeanne. Patra attempted to kill Aria, knowing that Kinji would take the bullet for her instead. However, like all tacticians, she is caught extremely off guard when something unexpected happens, such as Aria's ability usage after Kinji was shot.

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