Name in Japanese パトラ
Romaji Translation Patra
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 04 (Chapter 4)
Appears in Light Novels, Manga
Personal Info
Gender Female
Nationality Egyptian
Classification IU (Formerly)
Skill Rank IU #2 (Former)
Title (s) Cleopatra the 7th
Ancestor Cleopatra VII
Status Inactive (Due to marriage to Kinichi Tohyama)

Sand Ability User
Infinite Power near Pyramid
Curse with Misfortune
Puppet Manipulator

Equipment Inventory

Walther WA 2000


Kinichi Tohyama (Husband)
Kinji Tohyama (Brother-in-law)
Kinzou Tohyama (Brother-in-law)
Kaname Tohyama (Sister-in-law)
Konza Tohyama (Father-in-law) (Deceased)
Magane Tohyama (Grandfather-in-law)
Setsu Tohyama (Grandmother-in-law)

I do not understand you commoners, but if it is just a matter of leaving it up to my servants--it is extremely simple.

Patra is the current descendant of the Cleopatra VII of Ancient Egypt. Because of this, she has acquired some sort of love for large amounts of jewelry. Also, her style of clothing when she is shown references her lineage, as it is styled in the Egyptian clothing. 


Caucasian, as Cleopatra was of pure Greek descent, from a time when Greeks were more light-skinned than today.

Her eyes are a deep royal purple, befitting of her supposed status, heritage and clothing style. 

Her hair flows down past her shoulders, presumably reaching her waist. Her hair color is a surprising shade of indigo. 

Personality Edit

She acts very pridefully, though her nature may be attributed to her lineage. She acts like a queen and looks down on who she deems are weaker than her. 

She seems to have a very distinct hatred for the opposite gender, or to put it simply, men. However, she seems to have an exception: Kinichi Tohyama. It is highly suggested that Patra is truly in love with Kinichi. Like Aria however, she is also capable of denying it outright, even though it shows on her face. 


Her history is not really shown well, however it is known that she was Sherlock's second-hand above even Vlad. However, it is mentioned that Patra seems to have a knack for extreme violence, and for that reason, she was expelled from IU.  

Hidan no Aria Series
Tohyama Family
Holmes Family
Hotogi Shrine
Vlad Family
GIII League
Regiment Hex
Tohyama Warrior Office
Other Characters
Hidan no Aria AA
Yagate Maken no Alicebell


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