Nonoka Mamiya
Nonoka mamiya
Name in Japanese 間宮 ののか
Romaji Translation Mamiya Nonoka
Debut (Anime) AA Episode 1
Debut (Light Novel) AA Light Novel Volume I
Debut (Manga) AA Volume 01
Appears in Manga, Light Novel, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Inori Minase
Voice Actor (English) Marla Acevedo
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 13
Nationality Japanese
Classification Middle School Student
Status Alive
Equipment Inventory

Misuzu Mamiya (Mother)
Akari Mamiya (Older Sister)
Hikari Mamiya (Cousin)
Nozomi Mamiya (Cousin)
Kodama Mamiya (Cousin)

Nonoka Mamiya (間宮 ののか Mamiya Nonoka?) is Akari Mamiya's younger sister in the Hidan no Aria AA (anime).


Nonoka is a middle school girl with shoulder length dark-brown hair, white skin, and violet eyes. She wears a white blouse with a vanilla jacket and a skirt.


Nonoka is a kind and supporting person as shown when she supports her older sister.

Background Edit

Nonaka was the second born of the Mamiya Family. During IU massacre of her family following their refusal to share their knowledge, Nonoka was poisoned by Kyouchikytou, which caused her to loose her eyesight later life. The result of the massacre fragmented her clan and forcing her and Akari on the run.

The sisters settled in Tokyo, hoping the big city and close proximity and association with the Butei Academy would deter IU agents from investigating their location.


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