Normal Life Arc Edit

Moe Mochizuki was introduced in Volume 12 Chapter 2 as the class representative assigned to help Kinji Tohyama transition into life at East Ikebukuro High. During Kinji first day in class, she found his habit of searching for weapons and being on guard based on the sounds in the classroom being similar very puzzling. Later on, she showed concern for Kinji regarding his loneliness among the other students despite trying to get others to bond with him. Also, Moe was very surprised when Kinji tried to hit her neck when she sneaked up behind him, however she became very interest in Kinji due to being curious about him and tried to find out more information. When the school ended Moe became distant to Kinji due to receiving glances from Reki as well as seeing Kinji with her. A few days later, Moe was saved by Kinji from two delinquent students who were bullying and harassing her.

Moe and Kikuyo were Kinji's only close friends when he transferred to their high school. When he went back to Butei High, they both decided to transfer there too both to be close to Kinji and for themselves. She chose Ambulace and currently doing well (she sometimes ask Elle for advice).

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