Misaki Nakasorachi
Aria06 143
Name in Japanese 中空知 美咲
Romaji Translation Nakasorachi Misaki
Debut (Anime) Episode 05
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 6 (Chapter 3)
Appears in Light Novels


Voice Actor (Japanese) Hisako Kanemoto
Voice Actor (English) Jamie Marchi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Classification Butei (Connect)
Skill Rank Rank B
Status Active

Sound Investigation

Equipment Inventory

Misaki Nakasorachi (中空知美咲 Nakasorachi Misaki?) is a Butei enrolled in Tokyo Butei High, Year 2 Class C, and part of the Connect course. Nakasorachi is a member of Team Constellation.


Nakasorachi is a female sophomore Butei with the endowment of Shirayuki as well as fairly short height. She wears glasses often, implying she doesn't have good eyesight. This is proven when she was introduced, as she was unable to see Kinji clearly even though she had thrust her face close enough to his to be touching. 

She has extremely long black hair that flows down to her waist, similar to that of Shirayuki. 

Personality Edit

Nakasorachi is a shy and timid person to the point where she cannot communicate properly unless it is through a communication device, especially around Kinji. However, despite that she is an extremely intelligent person capable of retaining massive amounts of information and can relay orders through multiple, panicked people in a clear and precise manner without losing her own nerve. She also appears to have an interest in machinery and gadgets probably due to her family owning an audio store.


Nakasorachi is a communicator, not a fighter. She does not appear to have any experience in the field of physical combat,. 

Nakasorachi also seems to have an impeccable sense of sound. She is able to hear, recognize and distinguish a person's heartbeat in any given situation and imply things using it. This was easily demonstrated in Volume 7. 

Background Edit

Not much is mentioned about Nakasorachi's background, apart from the fact she knows Jeanne from sometime ago, and having been in the same class as Reki at some point. 


  • She makes a brief speaking role in Episode 5

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