Minuet Holmes
Hidan no Aria Volume 19 Cover
Name in Japanese メヌエット・ホームズ
Romaji Translation Menuetto Hommuzu
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 18 (Mentioned)
Volume 19 (Actual appearance)
Appears in Light Novel
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14
Nationality British
Ancestor Sherlock Holmes
Status Alive

Genius High Intelligence
Sharp Intuition

Equipment Inventory

Lee Enfield Rifle "Kai"


Sherlock Holmes (Great Grandfather)
Unnamed Grandmother
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Kanae Kanzaki (Aunt)
Aria H. Kanzaki (Cousin)

Minuet Holmes (メヌエット・ホームズ Menuetto Hommuzu?) is Aria's distant noble cousin and a pure thoroughbred British girl. Opposite to Aria, who is a combat pro, Minuet carries her great-grandfather's top trait for her high-intelligence and perceptiveness of human behavior. This caused her to be continuously picked on by her fellow students and leading to her decision to live withdrawn from society and play online games with her Japanese roommate. Also, she is bound to a wheelchair due to being physically weak.


Minuet appearance is similar to Aria's before the Irokane turned her iris camellia colored and her hair strawberry pink by having blue eyes and long blonde hair reaching to her legs. She wears a dark red dress with the Butei female uniform neck tie along with long boots and a veil on her head. She typically sits in a red and gold wheelchair. Also, she carries around a pipe.


Minuet personality is rather night and day when compared to Aria's. While her older cousin is short tempered, foul mouthed, and loud, Minuet is a great deal more calm and reserved. She is also very intelligent and can read through people very easily, a trait she inherited from Sherlock Holmes that Aria did not.

Minuet large intelligence cause her to be physically weak to where she cannot stand up for herself very well and be bound to a wheelchair. This resulted in her living a withdrawn life due to bullying, thus opting to stay inside, play video games, and only leaving the house when necessary during her stay in Japan. Also, she tends to keep a pipe in her mouth similar to her great grandfather.

Minuet tends to like what Aria likes and claim them her as her own, which includes Kinji.

Background Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Similar to Aria, Minuet is named after the musical term minuet, which is a slow dance occurring in 3/4 time.
  • Minuet is similar to the Marvel Comic's character of Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X) in how they are both intelligent people bound to a wheelchair.
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