Medica Division
Kanji Translation 衛生学部
Romanji Translation Eisei Gakubu
Undergradutate Programs Medica (衛生科)
Ambulace (救護科)
Affiliations All Butei Schools
Region Global
Overview Medica
  • Response practices to sick and wounded
  • First aid practicability


  • Advanced Medical Knowledge
  • Etiology
  • Research of undiagnosed causes
List of Attendants
Instructor Irin Yadokoro (Ambulace)
Tooru Sayonaki (Former)
Members Medica


The Medica Division (衛生学部(メディカ) Eisei Gaxubu?) emphasizes in rescue operations, medical science. Like the Logi Division, the members support those in active combat by following through the principles of medical ethics.

Medica (衛生科) Edit

Focuses on the medical care for the wounded and sick during active Butei activity or rescue operations. In addition, it is still necessary to learn about combat and self-defense.

Ambulace (救護科) Edit

Member of this department serve in Butei hospitals to understand the professional skills of doctors, surgery, treatment, and diagnose the unknown causes. They are responsible to cooperate with doctors, educating using their gained sufficient experience from rescue operations.

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