Kanji Translation 教務部(マスターズ)
Romanji Translation Kyoumu Bu
Affiliations Butei High School
Region Global
Overview Teaching Faculty
List of Attendants
Leader Takeru Midorimatsu (Headmaster)
Members Yutori Takamagahara (Inquesta)

Umeko Tsuzuri (Dagula)
Ranbyou (Assault)
Tooru Sayonaki (Ambulace) (Formerly)
Irin Yadokoro (Ambulace)
Nangou (Snipe)
Chan Wu (Lezzad)
Ruri Yuki (CVR)
Edogawa (Logi)

The Masters (教務部(マスターズ) Masutaazu?) classifies the Butei High School Faculty group. Each teacher has their personal record of combat professionalism disregarding law, such as the Self-Defense Force, Special Forces, Mafia, Mercenary, Hit-man, etc. Due to their combined backgrounds, the department building itself is considered one of Tokyo Butei High School's three dangerous territories regardless if a student has business there or not.

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