Boy! Don't look away! Tohyama's freely transform and become men!

–To Kinji Tohyama about Hysteria Mode, Volume 12, Chapter 3

Magane Tohyama
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 10 (Mentioned)
Volume 12 (First Appearance)
Appears in Light Novel
Personal Info
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Classification Naval Fighter Pilot (Retired)
Bone Doctor-Cum-Gambler
Skill Rank Ensign (Retired)
Ancestor Kinshirou Tohyama
Status Alive

Hysteria Mode
Spring Waterwheel
Zero Fighter Pilot
Highly Observant
High Stamina

Equipment Inventory

Setsu Tohyama (Wife)
Konzou Tohyama (Son) (Deceased)
Kinichi Tohyama (Biological Grandson)
Kinji Tohyama (Biological Grandson)
Kinzou Tohyama (Genetic Grandson)
Kaname Tohyama (Genetic Granddaughter)
Patra (Granddaughter-in-law)

Magane Tohyama is the husband of Setsu Tohyama, father of Konzou Tohyama, and grandfather of Kinichi Tohyama (Kana), Kinji Tohyama, Kinzou Tohyama, and Kaname Tohyama. He made his first appearance in Volume 12 of the light novels.

Appearance Edit

Magane is an elderly man with a white hair in a crew-cut and wears a kimono with a short traditional Japanese coat over and wears wooden getas for shoes.

Personality Edit

Magane appears to be very laid back person, who loves his family as shown in Volume 12, where he openly welcomed Kinzou and Kaname in and cares about Kinji development. Also, he could care less about education as shown when he did not have a problem with Kinji transferring schools.

Unlike Kinji who hates going into Hysteria Mode, Magane embraces it and feels that Tohyama's should freely use it. According to Kinji, Magane is a gravure idol addict in order help him enter Hysteria mode easily. Also, he appears to be highly attracted to younger women as shown when he met Reki before receiving a punch from his wife.

However, despite Magane laid back personality, he is very strict when it comes to chores and is willing to beat anyone who does not do it correctly as shown when Kinzou missed a spot when sweeping. Also, according to Kinji, Magane will not tolerate an incest relationship.

Abilities Edit

  • Hysteria Mode:  A special genetic condition passed down from his ancestors and the secret weapon of the Tohyama bloodline. Magane is triggered by sexual arousal from looking at younger women that are over 20. Also, similar to Aria triggering Kinji hysteria mode easily, it is hinted from Kinji that Magane is also triggered easily from his wife.
  • Zero Figher Pilot
  • Spring Waterwheel: Is a method to help get into Hysteria mode. It was developed by Magane grandfather from woodcuts and later changed by Magane into a collection of clippings of women from gravure magazine and swimsuit photo books. Each photo is classified, preserved, and cycled through based on the mood of the user like a spinning wheel due to men's taste in women will shift, change, or regress over time.
  • Highly Observant: Magane, like Kinji, has excellent observation skills from looking at someone and from someone scent. This was shown in Volume 12, where he was able to tell that Kinzou and Kaname were family, well-trained, and would have seen through any made up stories. Also, he was able to tell that Kinzou uses his fists for fighting and Kaname uses swords. In addition, Magane could tell Reki was a sniper from based on her smelling like gunpowder. Plus, Magane knew from looking at Kinji, that he had become more manly and had gone through many life and death battles.
  • High Stamina: Like Kinji, Magane has high stamina as shown when he was able to withstand 40 kg punch from his wife into a concrete block. According to Kinji, this was probably developed from daily domestic violence.

Background Edit

According Magane in Volume 12, while attending school he only got third rate grades. Then, during World War II, he was a zero fighter pilot. At some point he would met his wife Setsu, who was part of a militant family, where they would later get married for unknown reasons and have a son, Konzou. Eventually, he became a bone doctor-cum-gambler.

Plot Edit

GIII League Arc Edit

Magane and Setsu were mentioned in Volume 10, where Kinji borrowed money from them in order to get equipment from Aya Hiraga.

Normal Life Arc Edit

Prior to Kinji and Reki arriving, Kinji informed Magane that we was transferring schools and that Reki would be staying at their home. Also, Kinzou and Kaname would meet him and Setsu, where they would be welcomed into the family. When Kinji and Reki arrived home from normal school, they saw Magane lecturing and beating Kinzou for not sweeping properly. Then, while welcoming Kinji back, Magane met Reki and found she smelt like mint and gave her the nickname "Mint-chan." Also, he became highly attracted toward Reki and almost entered into Hysteria Mode before being punched by his wife into a concrete block. Later, as Magane was catching up with Kinji, he showed his grandson his collection of clippings from gravure magazine and swimsuits photobook and encourage Kinji to start his own collection.

Relationships Edit

Setsu Tohyama Edit

Setsu Tohyama is Magane wife, who married him for unknown reasons, but probably due to being able to trigger his Hysteria Mode easily similar to the way Aria does to Kinji. Also, similar to the way Aria attack Kinji when he is attracted to other women, Setsu will attack Magane as well for the same reason.

Kinichi Tohyama (Kana) Edit

Kinichi Tohyama (Kana) is one of Magane grandchildren.

Kinji Tohyama Edit

Kinji Tohyama is one of Magane grandchildren, who cares very much for his well being as shown when he tried to encourage Kinji to embrace his Hysteria Mode and even showed him a secret technique (Spring Waterwheel) in order to trigger it easily. Also, Magane was supportive of Kinji decision to transfer school and allow Reki to stay at their home.

Kinzou Tohyama Edit

Kinzou Tohyama is Magane genetic grandson that he did not know exist. Magane welcomed him and Kaname into the family with open arms and without any explanation. Magane was able to tell Kinzou was well-trained and that he fights with his fists.

Kaname Tohyama Edit

Kaname Tohyama is Magane genetic grandson that he did not know exist. Like Kinzou, Magane welcome her into the family with open arms and without any explanation. Magane was able to tell Kaname was well-trained and the she fights with swords.

Reki Edit

Magane allowed Reki to stay at his home while she and Kinji were attending normal high school. Upon their first meeting, Magane found her highly attractive to where he almost entered Hysteria Mode mode. Plus, he gave her the nickname "Mint-chan" due to smelling like mint.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Kinji about Reki): "She smells like mint, so I'll call her Mint-chan."
  • (To Kinji about school): "Well there is not much to say about it. Schools are like trains. You can transfer or even not get on. Konzo came back crying when he was bullied. Even my grades were only third-rate. School doesn't suit a Tohyama man."

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