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Lumberjack is the most difficult and dangerous type of duels as well as being the "house specialty" of Butei High. It is derived from a form of dueling among American Lumberjacks.

Aria11 003-005

Rules Edit

  1. All participants must wear bullet-proof equipment.
  2. Butei involved spread out to form a ring, called "Loggers," that enclose the duel area.
    • Loggers can be allies or enemies of the contenders.
  3. Contenders must fight within the ring and are prohibited from leaving it.
    • Loggers can attack any contenders leaving the ring freely and take any action to return them to the ring.
    • Opponent can attack the contender that leaves the ring once returned.
  4. Each contender is allowed to have a Kamerad, a person permitted to provide direct assistance to the contender only once during the duel.
    • Prevents the duel from reaching a stalemate.
    • Prevents overkill by separating the contenders when a loss has been determined.
    • Step in when a victor has been determined.
  5. Duel is started by the contenders.
  6. Duel ends when one side admits defeat or if one party is judged to have reached a point where outside help is required.

Duel Matches Edit

Kinji Tohyama vs. Gouki Mutou (Winner: Not Remembered by Kinji)

Shirayuki Hotogi vs, Kaname Tohyama (Winner: Shirayuki)

Reference Edit

  • Volume 11, Chapter 1

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