The Logi Division (兵站学部(ロジ) Heitan Gaxubu?) emphasizes on auxiliary for the combat troops. It is the support division, responsible for all vehicle transportation assistance and the maintenance and modification of personnel equipment.

Amdo 装備科(アムド)Edit

Members in this department learn about the customization and maintenance techniques of Butei equipment. For Butei students, they get a cheap discount for the bulkhead of equipment from exchanging ammunition. For proficient students such as Aya Hiraga, they can make a considerable profit for their armory services.

Logi 車輌科(ロジ)Edit

Those in this department are to learn about the various vehicle transportation (land, sea or aerial), and their advanced maneuvers. This department is provided from Amdo the variety of necessary equipment and technology for the students to be familiar. In addition, all Butei students can register for licenses disregard of the obtainable age, and the permit range for more than one vehicle can be arranged for only those in this course.

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