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Lisa Hugging Kinji's Head

Lisa met Kinji back in London after she had planted a bomb during the dance and detonated it and then retreating into the sewers. Kinji happened to find her there while he himself was running from the authorities. She was bruised and bloodied up due to her being shot by Watson. Kinji did his best trying to treat and asses her wounds. Luckily none of the wounds were life threatening, however when he noticed that the bullets in the wounds were the same as the ones that Watson fired at the bomber. Because of this Kinji was able to identify her as the bomber, threatening her not to move or else he would shoot. Lisa asked for mercy and showed no signs of fighting back, she didn't even have any weapons. Kinji learns that she was sent there to only kill one person (Kinji) however instead she was just used as a distraction while demon knife attacked Kinji. Kinji, being sympathetic towards her,considering she was being used as a scapegoat, allowed her to join Deen.

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