Lezzad Division
Kanji Translation 諜報学部
Romanji Translation Chōhō Gaxubu
Undergradutate Programs Lezzad (諜報科)
Dagula (尋問科)
Region Global
Overview Lezzard
  • Infiltration of enemy territory and studying subversive activities
  • Writing investigative reports


  • Art of conversation
  • Psychology
  • Utilization of Somatology
  • Methods to effectively extract information from informants or suspects
List of Attendants
Instructor Chan Wu (Lezzad)
Umeko Tsuzuri (Dagula)
Members Lezzard


The Lezzad Division (諜報学部 Chōhō Gaxubu?) emphasizes on extended interrogation methodology and information gathering from suspects and criminal organizations.

Lezzad (諜報科) Edit

The courses focuses on making intelligence reports on criminal organizations worldwide. With the gathered information from quests and external affairs, they are also compulsory involved to construct analysis and strategy.

Dagula (尋問科) Edit

Focusing on obtaining information from captured criminals, Dagula is in charge of researching tough means of interrogation.


  • Rumors say that torture methods are included in Dagula's curriculum, although this has not been confirmed.
  • Rumors also say that if certain conditions are met, Dagula students don't need to comply to Butei Charter, Rule 9.
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