• SIG SAUER P226
  • Kukri Knife

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Assault Trainning: During her stay at Machester's Butei high, Watson completed her training in Assault. With that being said, Watson is very proficient in the art of warfare, whether it be Aru=Kata or in close quarters combat. For her size, she's able to out maneuver and outfight Kinji even when he's under the influence of Hysteria Berserk. 
  • Inquesta Training: Also during her time back home, she fully completed her course in Inquesta making her one of the story's most brilliant characters. She excells at tactical thinking and planning, much like her ancestor.
  • Medical Knowledge: Now enrolled in Tokyo Butei high, she decided to take up a third course in the medical field.While she is still training to earn her license for it, she has proven herself as a very skilled doctor and surgeon as she regularly works in the Butei hosptial.

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