L.L. Watson
Hidan no Aria Volume 8 Cover
Name in Japanese エル・ワトソン
Romaji Translation Eru Watson
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 8 - Tornado High
Appears in Novel
Voice Actor (Japanese) Maori Oonishi (Pachinko)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Nationality British
Classification 2A (Medica)
Title (s) "Ven" 西欧忍者(ヴェーン)
"Plenty" 全身武器(プレンティ)
Ancestor John H. Watson
Status Alive

Medical Knowledge

Equipment Inventory

Kukri Knife


"That was dangerous. You are...Aria, are you not? I knew when i first saw you."

L.L Watson (エル・ワトソン Eru Watoson?) is a rather recent character who appeared during the events of Volume 8. Watson has been revealed to be a crossdressing student. Her first name appears to be Elle.


Elle is the fourth generation descendant of John Watson, companion of Sherlock Holmes. Due to her ancestor's achievements along side the legendary detective, her house was granted the title of nobility and her house has been one of England's proud noble families since then.

When she was born, Elle was  met with disappointment from her father since she was born a girl. Thus her father forced her to dress and act like a boy to make up for it. She took up a boyish front, looks, and mannerism despite knowing very well she is a girl. Despite this, at some point she and Aria were to be married despite never meeting each other.

Abilities Edit

Watson is highly capable in combat. But being that she is also an extremely intelligent and resourceful person, Watson is very knowledgeable on exploiting the weaknesses of her opponents. Likewise, she used this to devastating effect against Kinji and Hilda. It is also shown that Watson is a professional doctor outside of Japan, and is a very skillful medic in the battlefield and in the hospital much like the first watson. 


Elle, at first, was prejudiced against Kinji merely because Aria holds Kinji in higher regard than Elle had ever seen Aria do so to anyone. Elle showed off her cleverness and powerful influence to isolate Kinji in her method to defeating him. 

However, Watson has the capability of acting feminine. This is shown very vividly in the events of Volume 9, where Watson deliberately asked Kinji to perform intimate acts with her as a method to overcome the trauma of being raised as a male. 

Watson is also very kind in both a clinical and general manner. She has shown this when she had stated her wish to abandon discrimination between patients. 


  • She completed her Assault and Inquesta courses before transferring to Tokyo Butei High School.
  • As royalty, her family holds the title of "Viscount."
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