Kyouchikytou (夾竹桃 Kyouchikutou?) is a female assassin from the organisation IU. Along with Jeanne d'Arc, she was smuggled into Tokyo Butei High School with Riko Mine help. Her real identity is Momoko Suzuki (鈴木桃子 Suzuki Momoko?).


Kyou, much like Riko, has a rather short stature and often dresses in gothic lolita fashion. She has purple eyes and has long black hair with her bangs trimmed neatly and a white ribbon with flowers on her right side.


Kyou is very reserved and quiet. She is a genius tactician and knows how to cover her tracks. In one instance she sent an entire work complex crumbling down on Akari and her friends with a very intricate Rude Golberg Machine that, in the end, could only be ruled as a freak accident due to the nature of the sabatoge. Despite this, she is very fond of otaku culture and lolita fashion.

She is also a major fan of yuri, often times blushing or fawning over how Urara and Akari interact with each other. On a few occasions, she has been seen to write down what they are doing and has even gone as far as to write erotic fiction about them.


Kyou along with Riko Mine and other members of IU including Kinichi Tohyama (Kana) led an offensive against the Mamiya Family's estate. The offensive was successful, as it resulted in the deaths of many members and forced the survivors to scatter. As Akari and Nonoka were fleeing, however, Kyou captured the sisters. She would let them go but not without poisoning Nonoka. Two years later Kyou, along with Riko, would eventually track down two of the sisters Tokyo Butei High. She worked from the shadows, making threats on Akari's life be it an "accident" or run in with thugs.


  • Despite her young shortness, she is actually 24 and an alumni of Tokyo University's Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Like for fellow and former IU accomplice, Riko Mine, she is an otaku going to doujinshi conventions under her pen-name Christine Momoko (クリスチーネ桃子?)
  • The Hidan no Aria AA anime gave her an older sister named Suimitsutou (voiced by Michelle Rojas in the English Dub). 
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