Arms Edit

  • Gale Blog Spear
  • Green Dragon Crescent Blade: A legendary weapon wielded by the Chinese general Guan Yu in the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It has a long staff, a blade with flame engravings at one end, and is compared to a Japanese halberd.

Abilities Edit

  • Compliant Rod: Similar to Aria, Kou can use her "Hidan" power to fire a laser out of her eye about .5cm in diameter at the speed of light. It destroyed almost anything in its path with 0.1 seconds, however it needs 24 hours to recharge between uses.
  • Spear Proficiency- Considering Kou's only weapon outside of her "Hidan laser" is her spear, it's believed that she is very proficient in using it.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat- Kou's Hand-To-Hand combat skills are impressive. Being able to duel Kinji to a standstill while in Hysteria Mode.
  • Superior Agility: As her simian features may suggest, Kou is very mobile and is able to pull off incredible gymnastic feats. She makes free use of her tail for balance, attack, and suspension of her body-weight. This also allows her to replicate and improve the performance his technique, Bite, without the benefit of Hysteria Mode.