Hidan no Aria Volume 15 Cover
Name in Japanese
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 13
Appears in Light Novel
Personal Info
Gender Female
Nationality Chinese
Classification Butei
Title (s) Sun Wukong
Status Alive

Scarlet Ammo
Eye Laser Beam

Equipment Inventory

Boe Staff


Kou (?) is a female student of the Hong Kong Butei School and a member of Ranban. She is a Sun WuKong possessed by the Scarlet Ammo with the ability to shoot a laser beam from her eye. She was part of Greneda, but became part of Deen when the Ranban was defeated by Kinji.

Appearance Edit

Kou is petite beautiful girl with long black hair going down to her legs. When her powers are activated two horns appear on top of her head. She wears the typical Butei uniform, but with a shorter top revealing her stomach area.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Trivia Edit

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