Hidan no Aria Volume 15 Cover
Name in Japanese
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 12 (Chapter 5)
Appears in Light Novel
Personal Info
Gender Female
Nationality Chinese
Classification God
Title (s) Sun Wukong
Fighting Buddha
Status Alive

Compliant Rod (Eye Laser Beam)
Invulnerable to Guns and Blades

Equipment Inventory

Gale Blog Spear


Kou (?) is the Fighting Buddha know as Sun Wukong, who is a God that has taken the form of 5th grader female body. She is the fighting representative of Ranpan during the Far Easter Warfare (FEW) conflict. She was part of Grenada, but became part of Deen when the Ranpan was defeated by Kinji.

Appearance Edit

Kou has the appearance of a 5th grader with straight long black hair going down to her feet. When her powers are activated two horns appear on top of her head. She has crimson-colored eyes and has an blank expression look showing an impression of eternal omniscience.

Kou wears a Nagoya Butei Girl's School sailor suit, which is trimmed short everywhere leaving her entire abdomen exposed and does not wear any undergarments.

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