• Jonathan the Third: Shima's favorite giraffe stuffed animal. It's unknown what Jonathan is exactly, as it's been shown to be strong enough to support her weight but doubles over as a purse for her phone and can release a smokescreen. In the manga, a massive Colt Anaconda revolver is able to fit inside of it.
  • Colt Anaconda
  • Remington Model 95 Double Derringer

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • CVR Training: Kirin is a member of the CVR or "Honey-trap" department, so her cutesy mannerism and 
    Kirin Arms
    appearance is not without reason. She's able to skillfully charm her opponents into lowering their guard giving Kirin the opportunity to strike
  • Close Quarters Combat: In spite of her tiny stature, Kirin is fairly strong and flexible. She specializes in various Chinese martial arts and uses her small stature to her advantage.

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