Kirin Shima
Kirin shima
Name in Japanese 島 麒麟
Romaji Translation Shima Kirin
Debut (Anime) AA Episode 1
Appears in Manga, Anime, Light Novel
Voice Actor (Japanese) Aoi Yuuki
Voice Actor (English) Monica Rial
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday December 24
Height 135cm
Classification Intern (CVR)
Skill Rank C
Status Alive

Chinese Martial Arts

Equipment Inventory

Remington Model 95 Double Derringer
Colt Anaconda
Jonathan the Third


Ichigo Shima (older sister)

Kirin Shima (島 麒麟 Shima Kirin?) is a 3rd year Intern in the Tokyo Butei High's Middle Division. While her outside character is that of a playful doll, she is more of a lethal weapon, from studying with her previous senior amica, Mine Riko.

She customized her uniform into Lolita style like her senior to camouflage her armaments. After her 1-year Amica period with Riko expired, she tended to search for a new partner with a "prince blessing". Kirin found that trait within Raika Hino, and persistently follows her around for that liking.


A girl with long blonde hair, whose height is similar to that of an average 6th grader. She's also always seen with her stuffed animal, Jonathan the Third.


Kirin has a doll-figure personality, somewhat more childish than Mine Riko. She acts refined and addresses her senpais by "Onee-sama". She's not afraid to show her feelings and is very good at acting cute to get what she wants.


  • Her favorite food is crepes.

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