Kirin Shima (島 麒麟 Shima Kirin?) is a 3rd year Intern in the Tokyo Butei High's Middle Division. While her outside character is that of a playful doll, she is more of a lethal weapon, from studying with her previous senior amica, Riko Mine.

She customized her uniform into Lolita style like her senior to camouflage her armaments. After her 1-year Amica period with Riko expired, she tended to search for a new partner with a "prince blessing". Kirin found that trait within Raika Hino, and persistently follows her around for that liking.


A girl with long blonde hair, whose height is similar to that of an average 6th grader. She's also always seen with her stuffed animal, Jonathan the Third. She has big blue eyes and wears a white ribbon on the top of her head.


Kirin has a doll-figure personality, somewhat more childish than Riko. She acts refined and addresses her senpai's by "Onee-sama". She's not afraid to show her feelings and is very good at acting cute to get what she wants.


  • Her favorite food is crepes.
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