• Butterfly Knife: A memento from his brother, Kinichi Tohyama when he went missing (and later resurfaced). It was damaged during his first semester against Vlad but repaired soon after.
  • Beretta 92FS Inox: Also known as the "Kinji Model," which is an illegally modified Beretta capable of firing in three round bursts or fully automatic.
  • Excalibur (Ragnarok/Scramasax): A long sword left by Sherlock Holmes following his defeat, which was destroyed in his battle with Kou.
  • Desert Eagle Mark XIX: A memento from his late father, Konza. It is capable of firing three round bursts or fully automatic.
  • Orochi: A modified open-finger bulletproof glove used to perform Slash.
  • Manage Knife: A knife given to Kinji by Kou, which contains the previous pieces to his destroyed Scramasax. It is a folding knife that Kinji "fell in love with at first sight"

Abilities Edit

Kinji Tohyama Aria The Scarlet Ammo
  • Firearm Usage: Tohyama Kinji is very knowledgeable and skilled in the usage of guns due to his education in Butei High. His skill with firearms is enhanced thirty-fold when under the influence of Hysteria Mode. 
  • CQC (Close Quarters Combat): Kinji's hand-to-hand skills are fair, and only most formidable when under the influence of Hysteria Mode. 
  • Hysteria ModeThe secret weapon of the Tohyama bloodline, the Hysteria Mode is a special genetic condition passed down to Kinji. Triggered by sexual arousal, the result is his brain and nerves get thirty times more efficient at everything it does. In short, Kinji's strength becomes thirty times that of his own as well as his reflexes, speed and intelligence. Hysteria Mode has allowed Kinji to perform inhuman feats of strength, speed and logic, such as deflecting bullets using his own bullets, performing a quick draw with his Beretta invisible to the naked eye, deflecting bullets with his fingers and performing an attack at supersonic speed. Also, Hysteria Mode's prerequisites allow him to seduce women with relative ease. His mannerisms and words are capable of flustering others of the opposite gender far too easily for his own good. His ace in the hole is not without its flaws - Hysteria mode prevents him from directly harming a woman, something that almost cost him his life against the KoKo triplets, and he remembers everything that happens in Hysteria mode so his Hysteria mode personality embarrasses him to no end.
  • Intellect: Despite his aloof and apathetic demeanor, Kinji is always watching and always listening to his surroundings. As a result, he can play the part of an apathetic bystander but is extremely clever and can easily exploit gaps in his opponents defenses. His calm personality also allows him to think under pressure, often allowing him to out think his opponent than outfight. To put it bluntly, Kinji was smart and sane enough to transfer to Inquesta, were he can slip out of the Butei life to normal easily, learn more deductive traits and skills, and not get killed and harassed as much as he was in Assault. He must have subconsciously chosen the division that would not only make him stronger as a person and very clever, but also one that provides him more options for a normal life and meeting more people. Sadly, because of his apathy, people say that he should transfer back to Assault such as Aria and Sayonaki (Vlad), made a fool out of him because of it. However, this is another trick to fool people into underestimating him, where he can sucker-punch them easily and come out on top as seen when he fought he is enemies like Jeanne, Vlad, Sherlock, KoKo, Hilda, and Watson. Watson also implied that he was difficult to fight because the information on Kinji was scarce, or unreliable meaning Kinji is capable of hiding long secrets or his data is closely protected by the higher ups.  
  • Quadra Proficiency: Out of all of the Quadras introduced in the story, Kinji only has the title of Quadra when under the effects of Hysteria Mode. Because of this, he is easily one of the strongest Quadras because of his heightened abilities and has earned him the title of "Quadra of Mimicry." 


  • Split (銃弾切り "スプリット") : This move was first used against Riko Mine, this move allows Kinji to cut a bullet in half using his butterfly knife.
  • Edge Catching Peak (二指真剣白羽取り) : This move was first used against Durandel (Jeanne), this move allows Kinji to catch and stop a large blade with only his middle and pointer finger.
  • Billard (銃弾撃ち "ビリヤード") : This move was first used against Vlad, this move allows Kinji to fire a bullet into another person's bullet causing it to move off its course.
    • Cannon (連鎖撃ち "キャノン")
    • Patriot (砲弾撃ち "パトリオット")
  • Invisible (不可視の銃弾 "インヴィジビレ") : This move was first invented by Kinji's brother Kinichi, it allows a person to draw their gun at such a high speed that they can fire a bullet and holster the gun so fast that the enemy doesn't even see it, while this technique is best suited for a revolver Kinji has been able to learn and adapt the move in order to best suit his Beretta.
  • Mirror 鏡撃ち(ミラー): Kinji first used this move against Kinichi, Similar to Billiard, this move allows Kinji to fire a bullet directly into another person's shot causing it to stop, then firing a second bullet Kinji uses the enemy's bullet to fire right back into their own gun.
  • Bite 銃弾噛み(バイツ) : Kinji first used this move against Patra, this move allows Kinji to catch a bullet between his teeth however after using this move it renders Kinji unconscious for a while.
  • Ouka (桜花) : This move was first used against Sherlock Holmes, this move allows Kinji to accelerate his body to the point of being able to move at the speed of sound, he can use this technique with or without his knife/sword, but the drawback is that Kinji will take self damage due to the immense speed.
  • Slash (銃弾逸らし "スラッシュ") : This move was first used against the Koko sisters, this move allows Kinji to advert a bullets trajectory without the use of a knife by using his fingers.
  • El (跳弾射撃 "エル") :
  • Tornado (螺旋 "トルネード") :
  • Zetsurou (絶牢) :
  • Zero (銃弾掴み "ゼロ")
  • Senrin (潜林)
  • Discord Danza (矛盾の傘 "ディスコルダンツァ")
  • Kakkou (猾経)
  • Kaiten (回天)
  • Rasetsu (羅刹)
  • Izutsu Tori (ヰ筒取り)