Kikuyo Katagaka
Name in Japanese 鏡高 菊代
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 12
Appears in Light Novels
Personal Info
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Classification Yakuza Leader (Formerly)

Lezzard and Daugula (Butei)

Status Alive
Equipment Inventory

Unnamed Father (Deceased)

Kikuyo Katagaka (鏡高 菊代 Katagaka Kikuyo?) was Kinji's old friend from middle school and his classmate at the normal school that he transferred to in Volume 12.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit


She is a daughter of a Yakuza member, which prevented her from staying at Butei Academy. She visits Kinji at his home from time to time.


Kikyou Katagaka was Kinji's friend when he was studying in Kanagawa Butei Junior High and among the few that know about Kinji's Hysteria Mode and she used it to make him her slave and which is why Kinji dislikes women. After the group disbanded, she enrolls into Butei High and is a member of both Lezzard and Daugula department.

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