Katze Grasset
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 7 Epilogue
Appears in Light Novels
Personal Info
Gender Female
Classification Regiment Hex
IU (Disbanded)
Title (s) 9th Leader
Commander-in-Chief (IU) (Formerly)
Status Alive
Equipment Inventory

Luger P08


Katze Grasset is a Nazi and the 9th Leader of the Regiment Hex and was Commander-in-Chief of IU. She is an ally of Greneda during the Far Eastern Warfare.

Appearance Edit

Katze is a petite girl with short neck length hair and an eye patch over her right eye.

Katze wears two different kinds of outfits. Her first outfit is a SS officer uniform with a Nazi swastika arm band, a cape tied around her neck, a witch's hat, and an eye patch that is colored burgundy or white with the Nazi swastika. Her second outfit is a woman dress shirt and tie covered by a checkered pattern dress, and a orange peel pattern eye patch.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

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