Katze Grasse is a Nazi, 9th Leader of the Regiment Hex, and is former Commander-in-Chief of IU. She joined Greneda during the Far Eastern Warfare (FEW) as a chance to kill her archnemesis, Meiya Romano, before being defeated by Kinji Tohyama.

Appearance Edit

Katze is a petite girl with bob styled black hair, crimson eyes, and an eye patch over her right eye.

Katze wears two different kinds of outfits. Her first outfit is a black SS officer uniform with a Nazi swastika arm band, a black velvet tied around her neck, a peaked hat, and an eye patch that is colored burgundy or white with the Nazi swastika. Her second outfit is a woman dress shirt and tie covered by a checkered pattern dress, and a orange peel pattern eye patch.

In the video game, Katze eye patch is burgundy with a black cross in the center.

Personality Edit

Katze is a brash person with an apparent hatred for the Vatican as shown with her conversation with Meiya.

Background Edit

Katze has had previous battles with Meiya and the Vatican to the point where they both hate each other. At some point she became the 9th leader of Regiment Hex and the Commander-in-Chief of IU.

Quote Edit

  • (To Meiya): "You didn't have an armistice at all. You attacked my familiar in Dusseldorf. Peace? The hell are you saying." (Volume 8, Chapter 1)
  • (To Meiya): "Yes, this is war! The war with the Vatican I've been waiting for! This amazing chance, I won't let it go!" (Volume 8, Chapter 1)

Trivia Edit

  • Katze is the complete opposite of Meiya.
  • Katze means cat in German.
  • Katze has similar traits to Laura Bodewig from Infinite Stratos (IS):
    • They are introduced in each series as enemies of the male protagonist.
    • They are both from Germany.
    • They both have eye patches over their eyes.
    • They both fall in love with the male protagonist after being saved by them.
  • Katze illustration with a bird at the end of Volume 14 is similar to the position of Vicious and his bird in Cowboy Bebop.
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