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Eventually the fuss from the Far Eastern Warfare due to the dismantlement of IU brought their interests to Japan where they learned their older half-brother, Kinji Tohyama, was responsible for defeating IU. To test his strength, the siblings targeted his squad members, incapacitating RikoRekiShirayuki, and Aria, then held them hostage. While Kinzou (GIII) would remain cold to his older half-brother, Kaname took a natural liking to Kinji and insisted he take her as his younger sister. To ease the rumors surrounding them, Kinji would give her the name of Kaname based off of Kana's name and the two began to live together (much to Kinji's annoyance).

Kinji would not fully accept her as his younger sister, especially when she tried to recruit him into the GIII League as a "Brother-Sister HSS duo." Naturally Kinji tried to get her to leave or sneak out, but Kaname would soon teach him that such actions were not acceptable when she nearly killed him with his own weapon. So, a bet was placed between the two on if Kinji cannot enter Hysteria Mode from her influence, then she would back down since the proposed team is based off of their mutual HSS talents. 

Normal Life Arc Edit

After Kinji transferred schools, Kaname occasionally comes and stays at their grandparents home. 

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