• "P-Fiber" EMP Shield
  • "Sonic" Vibroblade
  • "Arc Edge" Ringblade
  • Advanced Science Arms "Noie Ange"
  • 14 other high-tech bladed weapons


  • Engineered Traits: Much like Kinzou, Kaname was engineered to be the perfect soldier with inhuman strength for a girl of her size. Her intellect and thinking rivals that of some of Butei High's brightest and even Kinji while in Hysteria mode as shown by being able to receive a communication degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) at a very young age. This allow her to able to take on the entire feminine side of Team Baskerville with ease showing she is a force not to be trifled with.
  • Melee Combat: Kaname is an unparalleled swordsman and specializes in the use of various traditional and scientific swords. She has proven herself to be more than a match for Shirayuki Hotogi and Jeanne d'Arc, a very strong swordsman in her own regard.  
  • Hysteria Savant Syndrome: Being of the Tohyama lineage, she inherited her ancestor's Hysteria genes. Since she's a woman, her HSS influenced urges are to subdue her male opponents by appearing weak and pitiful so that they help her instead of fighting her. Thus, she is able to actively harm other women, but cannot harm a man (the reverse of a male's HSS). According to Kinji, however, her HSS is rather weak compared to the hiss HSS or Kana possibly as a result of the difference in the builds of men and women or the fact her genes have been highly modified. 
  • Communication Knowledge: Kaname has highly strong communication knowledge as a result from completing a communication degree from M.I.T.