• "P-Fiber" EMP Shield
  • "Sonic" Vibroblade
  • "Arc Edge" Ringblade
  • Advanced Science Arms "Noie Ange"
  • 14 other high-tech bladed weapons

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Engineered Traits: Much like Kinzou, she was engineered to be the perfect soldier. With that being said, he strength is inhuman for a girl of her size. Her intellect and thinking rivals that of some of Butei academy's brightest and even Kinji during Hysteria mode.
  • Melee Combat: Kaname is an unparalleled swordswoman and specializes in the use of various traditional and scientific swords. She has proven herself to be more than a match for Shirayuki Hotogi, a very strong swordswoman in her own regard. 
  • Hysteria Savant Syndrome: Being of the Tohyama lineage, she inherited her ancestor's Hysteria genes. Since she's a woman, her HSS influenced urges are to subdue her [male] opponents by appearing weak and pitiful so that they help her instead of fighting her. Thus, she is able to actively harm other women but cannot harm a man (the reverse of a male's HSS). According to Kinji, however, her HSS is rather weak compared to the HSS he or Kana show possibly as a result of the difference in the builds of men and women or the fact her genes have been highly modified. 

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