Kaname Tohyama (GIV)
Hidan no Aria Volume 14 Cover
Name in Japanese 遠山 金女
Romaji Translation Toyama Kaname
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 9 - Spark Out (Epilogue)
Debut (Manga) AA Volume 7, 53rd Ammo
Appears in Light Novel and Manga
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 15
Nationality American/Japanese
Classification First Generation Genion
Butei (Assault)
GIII League
Skill Rank Rank S
Ancestor Tohyama Kinjirou
Status Active

Hysteria Savant Syndrome
Scout and Patrol
Expert Swordsmanship
Communication Knowledge

Equipment Inventory

14 High-tech Weapons
Advanced Science Arms "Noie Ange"
"Sonic" Vibroblade
"Arc Edge" Ringblade
"P-Fiber" EMP Shield


Magane Tohyama (Biological Grandfather)
Setsu Tohyama (Biological Grandmother)
Konza Tohyama (Biological Father)
Kinichi Tohyama (GI) (Older Genetic Half-Brother)
Kinji Tohyama (GII) (Older Genetic Half-Brother)
Kinzou Tohyama (GIII) (Older Genetic Half-Brother)
Kanade Tohyama (GV) (Younger Genetic Half-Sister)
Patra (Sister-in-law)

Little sisters are best. Nothing comes in between a brother and his younger sister. These bonds are absolute, completely unlike any other relationship with girls!

–Kaname Tohyama

Kaname Tohyama (遠山 金女 Toyama Kaname?) is a first generation Genion created from Konza Tohyama DNA and is the younger genetic half-sister of Kinichi Tohyama (Kana), Kinji Tohyama, Kinzou Tohyama (GIII), and is the older genetic half-sister of Kanade Tohyama. She was later named by Kinji, Kaname, from Kinichi's alter ego Kana. After meeting with Kinji, she enrolled in the Tokyo Butei High School Assault department. Also, she is a highly trained professional with advanced weapons such as 14 close range weapons such as daggers, swords, and lightsabers. 

Appearance Edit

Kaname is a very beautiful, cute young girl with chestnut hair that reaches down to her shoulder and has sharp ocean blue eyes. She is half Japanese half Caucasian American.


Kaname herself, even when she fought the girls of Team Baskerville under the product name of GIV, is a very light-heart and kind person. She is normally cheerful and bubbly and tries her best to never show sadness. However, she does have a tendency to be a crybaby. She is overprotective of Kinji and is jealous when other girls are around him.

Background Edit

Kaname was born as a genetically engineered human weapon under the name of GIV in a research center in Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States. Her genes were sampled from many strong and brilliants soldiers, including that of Kinji's father Konza Tohyama (product name "G" Golden Cross). She was born along side her older brother, Kinzou (then GIII), and has been one of his followers ever since he went rouge. Eventually through their combined efforts, they forced the United States Government to call off their hit on them due to the assailants defecting to their league known as GIII. At some point she got a degree in communication from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.).

Quote Edit

  • (To Fuikibayashi, Asao, and Leon): "Hello! I'm the cute little sister that takes care of her Onii-chan from 'Good Morning' until 'Good Night'." (Volume 12, Chapter 5)
  • (To Kinji after being Thanked for Taking Care of his Beretta): "Thanks are illogical. That's what a little sister is supposed to do." (Volume 12, Chapter 5)
  • (To Kinji on his Mission to Save Moe): "Well...I believe in you." (Volume 12, Chapter 5)


  • Kaname was born without a name and just labeled as "GIV," so in order to ease a bunch of girls on the bus who were questioning him about her, Kinji came up with the name "Kaname"
    • Her name is derivative from Kinichi's alter ego "Kana"
  • Her name means Vital point
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