Butei Killer Arc Edit

Kanae is introduced in Volume 1 of having been put in prison for crimes committed by various members of the underground organization known as IU. While Aria and Kinji visit her in prison, she encourage Aria to find a partner similar to Dr. John H. Watson in order to unleash her full talent.

Heist Arc Edit

After the event of Volume 3, Riko had testified and cleared Kanae of the crimes committed by her resulting in a sentence reduction.

Hilda Arc Edit

By Volume 8, Kanae had been cleared of crimes committed by Riko, Vlad, and Jeanne. However, during her appeals hearing, despite presenting evidence that her great-grandfather-in-law, Sherlock Holmes, committed the crimes, her sentence was upheld due to lacking evidence and testimony from the remainder members of IU. As she was being transported back to prison, her vehicle and escort was attacked by Hilda, which was stopped by the actions of L.L Watson.

In Volume 9, it was revealed that Aria and Kinji would have until March to get the testimony from Patra, Shokatsu (Ranpan), Katze Grasset, and Habi before Kanae final appeals hearing.

Scarlet Ammo Arc Edit

During Volume 21, Kanae had been freed from prison and began residing in Aria's dorm room.

Aria21 07

Kanae and Aria reunited again.