• Holy Sword Durandal
  • CZ100

Arms and AbilitiesEdit

  • Close Quarters Combat: Carrying on the legacy of her famous ancestor, Jeanne is an extremely skilled swords-woman. Despite carrying a heavy broadsword, she's able to match blows for blow against lighter swords such as Aria's Kodachi or Shirayuki's katana. Jeanne is also able to move with relative ease despite wearing heavy armor.
Jeanne Action Shot
  • Intellect: Jeanne had been raised under the teachings and strategy of her legendary household. She's a master tactician and specializes in the use of traps, often times forcing her prey into situations where they are unable to fight back.
  • Ice Manipulation: Jeanne's ability as a Choutei is to manipulate Ice. She's able to manipulate the water in the air and freeze it, often times causing the temperature to drop significantly. Rather than using icicles or the like to strike at her foe, she chooses to use her abilities to limit her opponent's abilities to move. Be it dropping the temperature significantly or freezing the nerves in her opponent's hands, her abilities are primarily to maim so she can finish them off with her holy sword. 
  • Disguise: Though her disguises were manufactured by Riko, Jeanne did learn voice manipulation from Riko and can perfectly match other people's voices. 

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