Jeanne d'Arc
Light Novel VII
Name in Japanese ジャンヌ・ダルク
Romaji Translation Jannu Daruku
Debut (Anime) Episode 8
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 02 (Chapter 5)
Appears in Light Novels, Manga, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ayako Kawasumi
Voice Actor (English) Colleen Clinkenbeard
Personal Info
Gender Female
Nationality French
Classification Butei (Informa)
Title (s) Durandal
Diamond Dust Witch
Ancestor Jeanne d'Arc
Status Active

G8 Ice Attribute Ability User

Equipment Inventory

Durandal (Broadsword Reforged into a Saber)


"Come over here."

Jeanne d'Arc the 30th (aka Durandal / Diamond Dust Witch) is an ice attribute ability user from the organization IU. During the course of Volume 2 of the light novel, she targets Shirayuki in an attempt to kidnap her and force her to join IU, but is captured with the combined efforts of Aria, Kinji and Shirayuki during Adseard. As one of the conditions of her Plea Bargain with the Masters, she is forced to stay in Butei High as a 2nd year exchange student from Paris, enrolled in Informa. Both Riko and Jeanne get along with each other, and taught each other skills. She taught Riko strategy-making techniques, while learning how to mimic people's voices from Riko.

Jeanne is the leader of Team Constellation.


She is one of the few people that knows Kinji's secret. Her personality is serious and cool. Her first comment about Butei High's skirt is: "Unmarried girls shouldn't openly reveal their legs like this!". However, due to Riko's influence she has obtained a habit of secretly collecting maid dresses, lolita fashion and various cute dresses.

Jeanne appears to be a bit unadjusted to modern times, possibily as a result of her sheltered upbringing. She maintains a very formal air and insists to use her platemail when in combat. She also struggles to use vending machines. 

Appearance Edit

Jeanne is a girl with natural, silvery-white hair and large blue eyes. It is usually up in a somewhat wavy ponytail that ends a little below the nape of her neck. She has bangs that cover her forehead and two strands of hair hanging out of her ponytail that reaches a little above her chest. She is quite petite in stature, like most of the female characters in the story, and wears the school uniform after transferring to Butei High.


Jeanne is quite extraordinary in terms of fighting skills, beauty and ability. But, unexpectedly, her drawing skills are lackluster. Despite her battle strength, she alleges that she is the weakest of all the members in IU. Since she is an ice ability user, she can freeze various things. In the anime, she is able to freeze anything with her breath. Her sword, Durandal, is said to be the greatest sword that can cut through steel. It lives up to it's name, being very powerful, but in the fight she staged with Aria, Shirayuki, and Kinji, Shirayuki was able to break it with her sword after breaking her clan's ban and setting it alight with flames, much to the shock of Jeanne.


  • Jeanne has an ice-blue cellphone.
  • Jeanne has snow-white skin and natural silver hair.
  • Jeanne is a very good friend of Misaki Nakasorachi.
  • Jeanne's appearance in Episode 8 is similar to Saber/Saber Lily in the game Fate/Unlimited Codes.
  • Jeanne's is one of the victims of the Tsuzuri interrogation.
  • She is quite poor at drawing, but apparently does not know this, as she fully expected Kinji to rely on the picture that she drew.
  • She wears glasses when drawing but usually does not.
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